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Our story

Annan Suklaatehdas was founded in 2017 in Punavuori, Helsinki. Master Chocolatier Anna Kekki has a twenty-year history, experience and love story with chocolate.  

“It all begun in 2002 in New York. A student of psychology, I applied for a temporary position at a Belgian chocolate shop in order to finance my studies. Upon walking in Danielle’s Chocolatier for the first time I knew my life was going to change irreversibly. I fell in love with the atmosphere, the enchanting scent, the work, everything.


For the following two years I worked as an understudy after which I completed my master’s degree at L’Ècole Valrhona in Tain L’Hermitage, France. In 2004 Anna Shea Chocolates was born in Tarrytown, New York. Within the following five years the business grew rapidly.

More than anything, I value the learning experience and continue to be grateful for the opportunity I was given and to which I rose. I returned to Finland after a ten-year long journey in 2009.

Annan Suklaatehdas was initally a creation of necessity: It is my calling to make chocolate. It’s my instrument. Twenty years of experience in artisanal chocolate making entitles you to certain skill and knowledge worthy of a master but to respect and humility as well. Chocolate is an ever challenging ingredient even to those who know and understand its chemistry. As a visual culinarist my wish is to encase the knowledge, art, love and passion for my craft in every single bite of chocolate I make.”